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When is it Time for a Garage Door Replacement?---Guangzhou Advance Door


As time passes, stuff breaks down. It’s the natural order of life, and your garage door is certainly no exception.

Anything could go wrong with your garage door to require a replacement, from structural issues, mechanical problems, and more.

In some cases, your door can be repaired. But in other cases, you need a full garage door replacement.

So how can you tell if your garage door has bitten the dust? These common red flags will let you know.

Frequent Breakdowns

The most obvious sign you need a garage door replacement is your garage door consistently breaking down. While occasional breakdowns here and there can be repaired, a pattern of breakdowns will almost certainly necessitate a full replacement.

Some reasons that your garage door might break down include a bad connection between the door and the motor, or structural integrity issues, to name a few.

While you could call in a professional repair company, if the problem is persistent, you could end up throwing a ton of money down the drain.

Replace your garage door and rid yourself of any repair fees for the foreseeable future.

Sags and Cracks

In some cases, your garage door may need replacement because of damage to the door itself.

This damage typically presents itself as sags and cracks. They appear over time as the wood or plastic material they’re made of rot and decompose.

Sags and cracks will cause the door to lose its balance, putting too much pressure on the side railings and tension spring.

To test the balance of your door, disconnect it from its motor and lift it up manually. It should remain in place once it’s pushed halfway up the doorway. If it doesn’t, likely the sagging of the door has compromised the integrity of its structure.

Excessive Noise

Regardless of your garage door’s condition, it’s going to make some noise. However, there is a point when your garage door can make too much noise.

If you encounter a loud, screechy, or downright disturbing noise every time you open and close your garage door, you definitely have a problem.

A number of different factors contribute to garage door noise, including loose screws, rusty railings, and a faulty opening mechanism.

While you can sometimes fix these problems with a simple repair, extensive fixes may require a full-blown garage door replacement.

Lacking Safety Features

Garage doors have become more sophisticated over the years. If you use an antiquated garage door, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on this sophistication.

Odds are it’s missing a few key safety features.

One these features is a sensor that prevents the garage door from closing anyone is under it, useful for parents with children or pet owners.

Another terrific feature keeps your fingers from being caught in the railing while the door closes.

You’ll want to make sure your garage door has all these components, if not, you may need to replace it.

Aesthetically Outdated

As time passes, styles change. For some, changing aesthetics might not affect how they feel about their garage doors, but for others, it may constitute a replacement.

Remember: garage doors influence your property’s overall appearance. They appear at the front of the house and can be seen by anybody who drives or walks by. A poor-looking garage door will drag down the quality of an otherwise attractive house.

Not to mention, if you’re thinking about selling your home, an ugly garage door will scare away potential buyers.

Excessive Shaking

Garage door shaking is similar to garage door noise: it’s going to have some, regardless of condition. And, just as with noise, when it gets excessive, shaking can indicate structural or mechanical issues.

Shaking usually results from a loose screw, a warped door, or bent guide railings.

In some cases, the shaking will get so bad that the wheels on the side of your door derail themselves. If you’ve hit this point, there is no question that you need a garage door replacement.

If you do notice an excessive amount of shaking, get a new garage door as soon as possible. It’s only a matter of time before it breaks down completely.

Extravagant Power Bills

Not only have garage doors taken on more sophisticated features, they’ve also become much more efficient.

Your garage door keeps heat and cold from entering your home. If it’s not doing this, your electric and gas bills will take big hits.

New garage doors seal tightly at all of their edges whenever closed. This sealing prevents heat and cold from leaking in, giving your heater and air conditioner a break.

If your garage door is old, there’s a good chance your power bills will go up. Get a new garage door and save yourself some money.

Seeking Out Professional Garage Door Replacement Services?

If you believe that your garage door has hit its last leg, then it’s time for a full garage door replacement. That takes a professional.

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